12 degrees Libra in Birth Chart Sabian Symbols

Musings of a Deep Thinking Spiritual Soul. How I went from struggling under a Dark Oppressive Energy to leading my best life in spite of hardships and set-backs.


Sarah Avery

1/28/20233 min read

As some of you may know, I have been curious enough lately to start learning about Sabian Symbols. I find them absolutely fascinating. Actually, I tried to look them up and learn about them several years ago, but could not find anything about them online. Now, there's suddenly lots of information out there! I guess I just had to wait.

I won't get into what they are or how they came to be here - you can look that up on your own. In this post, I'm just going to be talking a bit about the Sabian Symbols that I personally have in my birth chart.
(for anyone wanting to get their own birth chart done, there are many free options. The Cafe Astrology, or Always Astrology websites are just two that I personally have used but there are many more sites as well)

So first up, my sun sign is in Libra at 12 degrees. The Sabian Symbol for 12 degrees Libra is: "Miners Emerging from A Mine".
It brings with it the energy of having just stepped out of a very long and dark tunnel ..... the joy and relief of finally being able to breathe fresh air, feel the sunshine on your face, and enjoy the wide-open space of the outdoors.
It is knowing that even though things haven't always been great, right now in this very moment, all is well. It is the wisdom to allow the hardships of the past, or of the day, to simply fall away - knowing that no matter what has already transpired, tomorrow is always another day and this moment happening right here should not be any less enjoyable simply because of something that's already happened.

My take-away from this: This is profoundly wise, incredibly insightful, and totally applicable in my life. If I'm not being very rigorous about healing and clearing myself on all levels, I DO tend to accidentally allow the not-so-great times's energies to stick with me, drain me, and prevent me from being able to truly let in the joy being offered to me in this moment of Now.
Do you have this problem too? After a while, it starts causing me to feel in such a weakened, tired, and bogged down state that my own vibration is so low that I am no longer a vibrational match to the higher frequencies of Joy or Happiness, and I then realize I haven't even felt joyful, much less happy ...... in weeks, or even months.

I would never have said, while still going through it, that I was sad or depressed. I would always just have said I was struggling, that certain things I was going through were feeling a lot harder than I would prefer. I would have said I was tired, drained, and stressed.
But looking back at the those times I do think that I was, in fact, sad and maybe even depressed.

In my life, since 2019, I have fought like mad to overcome, to not only survive, but to thrive and become a completely sovereign being - as is my birthright as a soul of the light. I have felt the heavy weight of a dark energy oppression hanging over me, clinging to me, sapping my vibe and energy. I will not call it an Entity or label it as Demonic, because it wasn't directly associated with any particular being or person. It was just dark energy. Starting in 2020 I could see clearly however, that many people were being knowingly or un-knowingly influenced by it. Those who were working for it. Those who were supported by it. And those, like me, who were hell-bent on sending it on it's way.

It was the summer of 2022 when I finally managed to claw my way up and out of it. I was absolutely fed up with it and DONE with allowing it space in any part of my life or my being. I would no longer allow it to influence anything I did or did not do and say, much less hold me back from anything. And thus, just like that, it had zero power over me. That was truly my "Miners Emerging From A Mine" moment. And it was glorious!

Can you relate to my story? Have you felt this dark oppressive energy as well? Have you overcome it, or are you still dealing with it? I'd love to hear your story! If you feel the need to do some cord-cutting or special healing around this, I am experienced and knowledgeable in this field.

Love and blessings,
Sarah Avery, Creator,
Divine Harmony Healing