Traditional Usui Reiki first began in Japan, as an energy healing modality created by Dr. Usui in the early 1900s. He was inspired and called into creating a powerful modality that could be easily utilized by anyone, from any religion and any background. He first began teaching it to others when he opened his clinic in Tokyo in 1922.

Reiki is the "laying on of hands", where the Reiki practitioner places their hands directly on you and channels Universal Healing Energy into all parts of you, through their hands. Alternatively, the practitioner may hover their hands near your body, or send you the energy remotely to wherever you are in the world at the time.

Two of my favorite things about Reiki are:
1: Universal Energy is healing to all who are in contact with it, even those who are practitioners. Thus, as the client is healed, so is the practitioner. Talk about a win-win!
2: With most energy healing modalities, the practitioner uses their OWN abilities and healing powers - which often causes burnout, as well as an exchange of energy that can cause the practitioner to pick up physical ailments from their clients. But with Reiki, it's channeled energy that the practitioner uses, which safeguards both the practitioner and client from unhealthy energetic exchanges after the Reiki session is over.

I have 3 different Reiki session lengths available: 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 90 minutes. Click on the button below of the length of your choice:

Reiki Healing Sessions